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Lightroom in 60 Seconds? Sort Of…

Adobe has come up with a great video tip series of 60-second tips on using Lightroom called “Lightroom Coffee Break.” It is their YouTube channel (so you can subscribe to it and be notified of new videos when they come out), and currently has five videos (each is one minute or a bit less) with great tips!

These tips are great for real people (!) and will give a great deal more control over the adjustments you make to your photos. For example, if you have ever needed to sharpen a photo quite a bit, but found that too much noise was introduced in other areas of the image, the tip below shows how to use the masking slider to have the sharpening affect only the important areas of the image. Fabulous!

According to PetaPixel, a new video will be added a couple of times each month.

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