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Organizing with Lightroom – par...

Organizing with Lightroom – part 2

In the first post of this series, Organizing with Lightroom, we looked at organizing folders, using Lightroom (or possibly the system’s file manager) to organize folders, and then in Lightroom organizing your images into Collection Sets and Collections. In this post we will look more closely at our Collection Sets and Collections, and how we […]

Organizing With Lightroom

Organizing With Lightroom

Before publishing this post I kept asking myself why the world needs yet another set of instructions on organizing your photos with Lightroom. After all, there are many excellent sources for the information elsewhere. Ultimately, I decided to publish this for several reasons, including that many of the posts I have seen approach the topic […]

Adding (and Updating) Photo Copyright...

Adding (and Updating) Photo Copyright Info

It seems that every week brings with it another story of a photographer discovering that one of their images has been stolen and used by someone else, without permission, without acknowledgement of authorship, and most certainly without payment of royalties. A few days ago it happened again to a photographer I follow on social media. […]