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Spot Removal in Lightroom

Clouds-Dust Catcher

A friend of mine, who is a wonderful photographer (Travis Rhoads – you should follow him on Facebook or Google+ if you aren’t doing so already) posted about a recent issue that is a great reminder for all photographers. Travis (who is a very thorough and careful guy – so it can happen to the […]

Swans and New Photoshop Feature

Swans and New Photoshop Feature

Walking along a canal a few days ago, there was a lovely swan gliding along, hoping for a handout. I took a few shots of it, but hadn’t noticed that the reflection was barely inside the frame. When I went to process the image — it had always been a monochrome image, to my mind […]

Lightroom in 60 Seconds? Sort Of̷...

Lightroom in 60 Seconds? Sort Of…

Adobe has come up with a great video tip series of 60-second tips on using Lightroom called “Lightroom Coffee Break.” It is their YouTube channel (so you can subscribe to it and be notified of new videos when they come out), and currently has five videos (each is one minute or a bit less) with […]