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Travel Photos are Different

The Struggle - near Ambleside, UKMost of my photographs tend to be landscapes, florals, and the like. As a result, when we travel for pleasure, I look forward with both eager anticipation, and apprehension, to the opportunities that will be presented. Travel photos really are different!

There usually will be opportunities for landscapes and florals, as well as other things of interest. There are also opportunities for photographs depicting local culture, street scenes, etc. And there are opportunities for family memento photographs (in fact, these will be in highest demand by the family!).

In the Pub, Ludlow, UKOver the years my approach has changed from trying to memorialize every family moment as a work of art (something that is nearly impossible to accomplish) to capturing good family memories, while keeping an eye out for the more artistic elements I enjoy.

At the time of posting this, we have just returned from a month in England where we visited friends and traveled together to several parts of the country. Naturally, the photos (over 2500 of them!) fall into various genres, and will take considerable time to review, discard and process. The color image above is from England’s Lake District, near Ambleside. The monochrome image is from a pub in Ludlow, in Shropshire.

I have also put together some Adobe Spark presentations on different segments of the trip, if you’re interested. They are:

Keighley and Environs

Steam Train Ride





Hadrian’s Wall

The Lakes

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